Exceler-ate for Success™

Consultations, individual and group training programs and customized workshops supported by one-on-one coaching help employers and employees be current, ROI focused and motivated.

Training Workshops and Seminars include:

21st Century Workforce

Our strategies and tactics for recruiting and harmonizing a 21st century workforce will set you apart from your competition and ensure a seamless workforce for your organization.


Our Continuous Improvement Process will establish a standard, reoccurring system to continually measure and adjust your business practices to ensure your organization stays two steps ahead of the competition by doing things better, faster and cheaper.

Change Management

Change management entails thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation, and above all, consultation with, and involvement of, the people affected by the changes.   Our strategies and tactics will help you connect change management to business results.

Closing the Generation Gap and Improving ROI

Designed to unite and strengthen a company’s generationally divisive workforce by creating a new awareness and understanding of the similarities and disparities between the generations and helping employees welcome this diversity and learn how – together – propel their organization to a new level of performance.

Harassment Free Workplace

Employers and employees are protected by the Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturism Act.  Are you providing a Harassment Free Workplace?  We will assist in the development of a plan that combines the legal requirements with your corporate culture, and present the information in an informative, interactive, two-hour workshop.

Managing the Difficult Conversation

A workshop designed to increase the mastery and effectiveness of employees who have day-to-day supervisory responsibility when faced with a difficult conversation – irregular attendance, discipline, bullying, performance, cultural misunderstanding and cross-generational conflicts – with direct reports, peers, superiors and customers.  Participants build the skills necessary to manage ‘difficult conversations/discussions’.

Mature Workers

Workers age 50 and older offer employers the competitive advantage of life experience, work expertise, job loyalty, maturity and passion for life long learning. Together we will develop a practical policy along with strategies and tactics for accessing and utilizing the skills and talents of mature workers and retaining their intellectual property to benefit your organization.

Performance Management

The annual stress test on employees, management and the culture of an organization is giving way to regular, two way feedback that helps shape the results of your employees and develops their potential. Our team will help your company develop a system that brings true return on investment.

PEPP (Personal Employment Preparation Program)

It’s a ‘hands-on’ training workshop aimed at front-line service delivery personnel. This Program recognizes that while a company’s senior management team has the power, high salaries and benefits, the service is handled by front-line service delivery personnel. To the customer they are the company. In many companies these people work undesirable hours for low pay, receive insufficient training, and must follow many rules and policies with little freedom or the necessary tools to satisfy customers’ needs. Yet their customers expect superior service.

Companies cannot leave customer satisfaction to chance. Customer satisfaction is a delicately approached goal that must be carefully defined and trained. Companies with commitment to superior service must train and develop their employees to deliver superior service. Confidence in dealing with customers comes from knowledge. Most good service companies do not allow new employees to service customers before they have been trained. Training employees before they serve customers is cost-effective, reduces turnover, prevents costly errors and eliminates possible causes of customer dissatisfaction.

Recruitment Services

The high cost of recruiting can be a burden on an organization and add to the workload of the existing staff charged with finding those key people needed to grow or maintain the business.  Our “One Fee” recruitment process will take the burden of full cycle recruiting off your plate and at a price that works.

Retention Programs

There is a direct link between engaged, productive employees and an improved bottom line. It is imperative to any organization to recruit the best and most brilliant employees capable of initiating, developing, and sustaining your company’s business plan and overall goals. We can help you with a program geared towards retaining employees while taking into consideration generational, cultural and gender differences.

Succession Planning

The development and replacement of leaders requires clarification of key positions and the criteria to fulfill them; provision of a value proposition to motivate and retain vital talent; and development of the leadership succession criteria and practices to generate the talent required to meet business strategies. We will help you generate a program to manage the leadership talent pool most efficiently.

If you are not sure, tell us what your objective is – teambuilding, organization, leadership, new markets, up selling, or improved ROI–and we will develop the strategy to achieve it.

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