Venture Online for Success™

A business-planning tool that combines e-learning with results.  Users learn how to own, operate and manage a business while writing a strategic plan.

If you are a new or existing business without a plan, this step-by-step process will ensure you get into and stay in business. 

If you are in a growth mode and need financials to secure a line of credit or a marketing plan to support your product and or services, our program will show you the way.

If you need a cash flow, balance and or income statements Venture Online for Success™ will calculate your financials over three years, with low, medium and high projections.

Venture Online for Success™ provides full-service business coaching:  online, in person or via phone. This planning tool is self paced and may be used in a combination of classroom facilitation with online learning; or, it is available as a Certificate Program offered in association with a post-secondary institute. 

We have assisted the launch of over 650 retail, service and manufacturing businesses.

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